The Stars from 2013

Read about past Bonnier Accelerator stars who took part in the very first Bonnier Accelerator program. 

Adrian Swartz and Fredrik Hjorth

Fredrik Hjorth, 24 and Adrian Swartz, 24, both Swedes, applied as a team. Swartz was former Co-founder of communications agency Rodolfo. Hjorth has been studying law and finance at Uppsala University – prior to that he ran his own business.

“We had already founded the company under the name Studentlänken, built the first product version and done the first sales, so the ground floor of the operations was very much up and running. During the period at the Bonnier Accelerator we rebranded the whole company to Cruitway as it is today, we accelerated the sales in crazy speed, redefined the business model, prepared for investment pitch and mapped out a quite solid three year plan."

Download press photo. Photographer: Rikard Westman.

Check out a video with Adrian & Fredrik.

“We're ready to partner up with the entrepreneurial stars of tomorrow”

Heidi Harman and Maria Elgaard

Heidi Harman is a Brittish citizen and a co-founder of Geek Girl Meetup. Past projects include partner-running startup In the Bonnier Accelerator program she was working as a team with Maria Elgaard (on the left in the picture) from Denmark. Elgaard has been working with startup Ventus Performance, an app to help wind-farm investors keep track of their investment.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the program,” says Harman, who is working on a new app to empower people to save money  (the app can be found at “We’ve been able to reach a new level, using our time to test our idea with user workshops, starting the process of building our software and creating a prototype.”

“It’s been great to get reality-based information from people with strong experience with other startups, like Oscar Höglund from United Screens,” she says. “Plus having the other Bonnier Accelerator teams to talk to has been a real benefit.”

You can follow what Heidi Harman is doing on her website as well as via Twitter.

Download press photo. Photographer: Rikard Westman.

Midterm check in with Heidi and Maria

Jonas Forsslund

Jonas Forsslund is a Swede who is finishing up his PhD studies at KTH in Stockholm while simultaneously developing a business. Surgify, his business, develops surgery simulators that use 3D interaction with haptic feedback. “The technical framework is really just game-building technology for surgeons,” says Forsslund, who sees simulations as a form of content, not unlike books for example.

“So far, the market is small for this kind of simulation, partially because the equipment is expensive. But by building our simulations with an open-source base, we’re hoping to provide a foundation for others that will help create an ecosystem and open up the market. With Bonnier Accelerator, I really got a good insight into how the media industry works from the inside,” he says about his time during Bonnier Accelerator. “I met so many people and heard another perspective from outside the university."

Download press photo. Photographer: Rikard Westman.

Learn more about Jonas' project in this video